This training course has been created to walk you through Chaincode Development, Testing, and Deployment for a Hyperledger Fabric Network catering specifically toward Golang written Chaincode (Fabric’s original Chaincode Language). Additionally as an Application Developer you will learn how to write, and prepare Client Applications using the most mature Standard Development Kit in Hyperledger Fabric, NodeJS.


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Learning Objectives

Understand why Blockchain is needed and where Explore the major components of BlockchainLearn about Hyperledger Fabric and the structure of the Hyperledger ArchitectureLean the features of the Fabric model including chaincode, SDKs, Ledger, Security and Membership ServicesPerform comprehensive labs on writing chaincodeExplore the architecture of Hyperledger FabricUnderstand and perform in depth labs on Bootstrapping the NetworkPerform comprehensive labs to integrate/develop an application with Hyperledger Fabric running a smart contractBuild applications on Hyperledger FabricCourse Outline-

Course Info

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Cost: $ 1,895

Length: 2.0 days (16 hours)


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