There is no course like this available on the market; it will start from the beginning of standing up a Hyperledger Fabric v1.4 Network. This course will accommodate architects with very little-to-no experience on Fabric, and give them the knowledge necessary for perform the role of a Fabric Architect, Administrator and Developer. This course is a combination of the following two courses: Hyperledger Fabric v1.4: Architecting, Designing and Deploying a Network (3 days) Hyperledger Training: Developing on Hyperledger Fabric (2 days)


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Learning Objectives

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  • This course is a combination of these two courses, view each for the combined outline-

  • Hyperledger Fabric v1.4 - Architecting, Designing and Deploying a Network
    Developing on Hyperledger Fabric 1.4


This course is best for those whose job role could be Fabric Architect, Administrator, or Developer.




To best benefit from this course: Knowledge of basic Linux system administration commands, and navigation Knowledge of Command line basics Strong knowledge of containerization and Docker Familiarity with NoSQL databases and general understanding of CouchDB Strong understanding of Blockchain basics


Length: 5.0 days (40 hours)


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