As an experienced Red Hat Ansible Automation users, you are ready to take your Ansible skills to the next level, enabling scalable design and operation of Ansible Automation in the enterprise. In this course, you will explore better ways to automate tasks and use Red Hat Ansible Engine effectively, as well as how to leverage advanced features of Ansible to perform more complex tasks. You will also become skilled in installing and using Red Hat Ansible Tower to centrally coordinate your use of Ansible, control access to hosts and systems, and manage Ansible workflows through the web interface and the Red Hat Ansible Tower API. This course is based on Red Hat Ansible Automation (Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.8 / Red Hat Ansible Tower 3.5) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.


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Learning Objectives

As a result of taking this course, you should be able to use Red Hat Ansible Tower to centrally manage your Red Hat Ansible Automation projects in a way that scales to large teams and complex enterprise installations. You should be able to demonstrate these skills:
Follow recommended practices to write and manage Ansible Automation.
Use Git to effectively manage playbooks and inventories as part of a DevOps workflow.
Control and optimize the performance of task execution by Ansible Playbooks.
Use filters and plugins to populate, manipulate, and manage data used by Ansible Playbooks.
Delegate tasks for one managed host to other hosts and manage rolling updates with Ansible.
Deploy and use Red Hat Ansible Tower to manage existing Ansible projects, playbooks, and roles at scale.
Use the Red Hat Ansible Tower API to launch jobs from existing templates and integrate Red Hat Ansible Tower into a simple CI/CD pipeline.

Course Info

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Length: 4.0 days (32 hours)


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