In this course you will create basic case management solutions with IBM Case Manager Builder and Process Designer. Using an iterative solution development process, you will create, deploy, test, and revise your solutions, adding complexity and functionality to your solutions as you gain skills. You will create properties and document classes, configure roles and in-baskets, and define case stages. You will work with case types, tasks, and workflows. This course includes some guidelines on solution design principles. After completing this course, you can build on these skills by taking more advanced or specialized courses in security, user-interface customization, and solution deployment.


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Learning Objectives

Build and deploy a solution Create properties and document classes Create roles and in-baskets Create a case type and tasks Create a workflow Use preconditions and sets Automate case packaging Add case stages Apply solution design principles

  • Build and Deploy a Solution

  • Build a solution
    Deploy a solution
    Test a solution
    Manage roles
    Redeploy a solution

  • Create Properties and Document Classes

  • Create case properties
    Create task properties
    Create a business object
    Create document classes

  • Create Roles and In-Baskets

  • Create roles
    Create in-baskets

  • Create Tasks

  • Create a to-do task
    Create a container task
    Add the to-do list widget to the Case Details pag

  • Create a Step Map

  • Open a task in Step Designer
    Create a step map
    Add a workgroup to a step map
    Add an attachment to a step map

  • Use Preconditions and Sets

  • Organize tasks with preconditions
    Organize tasks with inclusive sets
    Organize tasks with exclusive sets

  • Automate Case Packaging

  • Open a task in Process Designer
    Add a component step to a task
    Use a component step to package a case

  • Add Case Stages

  • Add case stages to a solution
    Use a system step to perform a case stage operation
    Use a case stage as a task precondition

  • Solution Design Principles

  • Describe solution design principles


This course is intended for solution architects, developers, business analysts, system administrators, or anyone who works as a solution builder within their company.




While there are no prerequisites for this course, please ensure you have the right level of experience to be successful in this training.


Length: 1.0 day (8 hours)


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