In this course, students will use Access 2016 to manage their data, creating a new database, constructing tables,designing forms and reports, and creating queries to join, filter, and sort data.


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Learning Objectives

Upons successful completion a student will have a be able to create a database and design forms and reports.

  • What is A Relational Database

  • What is a database?
    What makes data a database and not a spreadsheet?
    What makes a relational database 'relational'?
    What are the parts of a relational database?
    Chapter summary

  • Exploring Microsoft Access

  • Opening and viewing Microsoft Access
    Touring the access window
    Exploring the main parts of an access database
    Using the access Help Features
    Using the navigation pane
    Chapter recap

  • Planning a Relational Database

  • Planning a database
    Identifying classes
    Identifying class attributes
    Identifying objects

  • Splitting Information into Tables

  • The first rule- making sure every record is unique
    breaking columns down to their lowest forms
    Another rule- avoiding repeats of information
    Another rule- avoiding multiples of the same column
    Another rule- columns need to relate to a primary key

  • Designing and Building a Database

  • Building a database from an existing template
    Creating a database
    Testing tables in a database

  • Designing Database Tables

  • Creating table lookups
    Using table field properties
    Using input masks
    Using Validation rules
    Changing field structure in tables

  • Creating Table Relationships

  • Importing Data from an Access Database 1
    Importing data from excel

  • Importing data into Access

  • Importing Data from an Access Database 1
    Importing data from excel 105

  • Creating Forms

  • Creating a basic form 111
    Creating a form with the form wizard
    Creating a split form
    Creating Subforms

  • Form Design

  • Enhancing the appearance of a form 128
    Changing form layout
    Using Form Properties
    Adding command buttons to a form

  • Creating Basic Queries

  • Creating a Query with a Wizard
    Creating a Query from Scratch
    Editing a Query

  • Creating Basic Reports

  • Creating a Report from a Table 156
    Creating a Report from a Query
    Examining Report Types
    Documenting the database


This course is designed for the beginning end user with some working knowledge of Windows OS.




There are no stated prerequisites for this course. Please check with your representative for details.


Length: 2.0 days (16 hours)


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