In this course, students will learn to import and export data, create customizable queries and reports, perform calculations, use macros, execute advanced queries and finalize the database.


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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion a student will be able to share data across applications, use macros to improve interface design, use VBA to enhance taskks, lock down and prepare a databse for distribution to mulitiple users, create and modify a databse and set the starup options.

  • Review of Access 1

  • Importing data from an access database
    Importing data from excel
    Creating table relationships

  • Querying a Database

  • building a query using a wizard 15
    Building a query in design view 19
    Working with join types in queries 24
    Using a single criterion to limit results 27
    Using multiple criteria to limit results 29
    Using keywords in queries 32
    Using wildcards in criteria 36
    Building a parameter query 37

  • Calculations and Groups in Queries

  • Adding calculated fields to queries
    Adding groups and totals to queries

  • Generating Reports

  • Creating BASIC reports 48
    creating a report using the report wizard 49
    creating a report from scratch 56
    making basic report enhancements 60
    Printing A Report 62

  • Custominzing Reports

  • Adding a group to an existing report
    Adding a custom calculation to a report

  • Creating Action Queries

  • Updating records with an update query 72
    Copying records with an append query
    Deleting records with an action query
    Using a make-table query

  • Exporting Data

  • Exporting a query to Excel
    Exporting a report to Excel
    Exporting a report to Word

  • Writing Advanced Queries

  • Creating a subquery
    Union queries
    Queries that find duplicate records in a table
    Queries that find unmatched records between tables
    Crosstab queries
    Using autolookup queries

  • Advance Form Design

  • Using the Form Header to search for data 107
    Setting up Tab forms 114
    Creating a Dialog Form
    Setting Dialog Form Properties
    Saving a form as a report

  • Enhancing Reports

  • Controlling page breaks and page layouts
    including a chart in a report
    Using customized groups and layouts in reports
    Saving the report as a pdf file


This course is designed for the student who has taken Access 1 or has equivalent experience.




There are no stated prerequisites for this course. Please check with your representative for details.


Length: 2.0 days (16 hours)


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