Microsoft Teams is the hub for Teamwork in Microsoft 365. This course provides best practices for collaborating and using Teams within your organization and engaging teams from virtually any size business. Teams who are looking to work closely while sharing and collaborating on information and deliverables from remote locations will benefit from this course.


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Learning Objectives

Topics covered in this course include: Navigating the Microsoft Teams App, Creating and Collaborating with Teams, Using Teams to Conduct Online Meetings, Best Practices When Holding an Online Team Meeting and Using Teams on a Mobile Device.

  • Navigating the Microsoft Teams App

  • What is Microsoft Teams?
    Launching Microsoft Teams
    The Microsoft Teams Interface

  • Creating and Collaborating with Teams

  • Creating a New Team
    Chats and Conversations
    Understanding and Using Mentions
    Woking with Files

  • Using Teams to Conduct Online Meetings

  • Scheduling a Meeting
    Editing a Meeting
    Joining a Meeting

  • Best Practices When Holding an Online Team Meeting

  • Qualities of Successful Meetings
    General Meeting - Best Practices
    Using Microsoft Teams - Best Practices

  • Using Teams on a Mobile Device

  • Understanding the Difference between Desktop App, the Online and Mobile version of Microsoft Teams
    Where to download the Mobile App and other General Information.


This course is intended for individuals who want to gain knowledge of working woth Microsoft Teams




There are no stated prerequisites for this course. Please check with your representative for details.


Length: 1.0 day (8 hours)


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