This course will help you to prepare for the blueprinting stage of your SAP Transportation Management implementation or enable you to use the system in your role as a business user. You will gain an overview of the key business transactions and system capabilities to enable you to design the processes you will use within your own organization. You will learn how SAP TM can help you to support Order Management, Transportation Planning, Subcontracting, Execution, Charge Calculation and Settlement. This course is the mandatory foundational prerequisite for all follow-on SAP TM training courses.


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Learning Objectives

This course will prepare you to:
Outline SAP Transportation Management business processes
Identify and examine the SAP TM building blocks necessary for processing shipments of goods.
Engage in Transportation network maintenance, order/requirements integration and management, transportation planning, shipment execution, and freight invoicing and settlement.
Use both the SAP ERP and SAP TM systems using the NetWeaver Business Client interface

  • SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM)

  • Evaluating SAP Transportation Management
    Evaluating the SAP TM System Landscape

  • SAP TM User Interface

  • Identifying NetWeaver Business Client Components
    Personalizing Object Worklists

  • Transportation Management Master Data

  • Identifying Master Data Requirements for SAP TM
    Evaluating the Organizational Structures Used in SAP TM
    Defining Conditions
    Determining Freight Incompatibilities
    Determining Dangerous Goods Shipping Requirements

  • Transportation Order Management

  • Triggering the Transportation Management Process
    Integrating SAP ERP with SAP TM
    Managing the Freight Forwarding Process
    Booking Capacities

  • Transportation Planning

  • Defining the Transportation Planning Process
    Viewing Freight Units
    Building Packages
    Defining Selection Profiles
    Determining Planning Profiles
    Accessing the Transportation Cockpit
    Creating Transportation Proposals
    Creating Freight Orders
    Optimizing Loads

  • Transportation Execution

  • Performing Carrier Selection
    Tendering Freight Orders
    Triggering Delivery Creation from SAP TM
    Executing Transportation in SAP ERP
    Integration between SAP TM and SAP EWM
    Generating Outputs
    Monitoring Transportation Events
    Exporting Freight Orders
    Analyzing Transportation Management Performance

  • Charge Calculation and Freight Settlement

  • Managing Charge Calculation Master Data
    Calculating Supplier Charges in Freight Orders
    Settling Supplier Freight Charges
    Calculating and Settling Customer Charges in Forwarding Orders
    Distributing Costs
    Settling Freight Charges in Group Logistics Companies
    Managing Freight Contracts


This course is best for job roles such as Application Consultant, Data Consultant / Manager, Developer Consultant, Technology Consultant, Program / Project Manager, Business Analyst, Developer, User, Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User.




Recommended SAP01 or SAP01E - SAP Overview SCM600 or SC600e - Business Processes in Sales & Distribution SCM601 or SC601e - Processes in Logistics Execution


Length: 4.0 days (32 hours)


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