Learn how to create Windows virtual machines on Google Cloud so that you can deploy and run Microsoft Windows applications. In this course, you'll learn how to run SQL Server in Compute Engine, how to deploy instances across Google Cloud zones, and how to get more out of ASP.NET on Compute Engine, Google Container Engine, and App Engine.


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Learning Objectives

Configuring Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server in Google Compute Engine.
Deploying ASP.NET MVC applications to Google Compute Engine.
Deploying .NET Core applications to Google Compute Engine, Google Compute Engine, and Google Container Engine

  • Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

  • Scope and structure of GCP.
    Options for Windows deployment on GCP.
    GCP interfaces.

  • Windows Workloads on Google Compute Engine

  • Google Compute Engine virtual machine options.
    Integrating Active Directory with Google Compute Engine virtual machines.
    Options for running SQL Server in Google Compute Engine.
    Configuring SQL Server for high availability.

  • Developing ASP.NET MVC applications

  • Model-view-controller structure.
    Using Microsoft Visual Studio’s Web Project template to develop in ASP.NET.
    Deploying applications to Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) in GCE.

  • Configuring Resilient Workloads

  • Deploying instances across GCP zones.
    Using instance groups to create pools of virtual machines.
    Load balancing Windows applications.

  • Delivering Next-Generation ASP.NET Core on GCP

  • Understanding .NET Core and EF Core.
    Options for deploying ASP.NET Core applications on Google Cloud Platform.
    Deploying ASP.NET Core applications on Google Compute Engine.
    Deploying ASP.NET Core applications on Google Container Engine.
    Deploying ASP.NET Core applications on Google App Engine.


Software developers, system administrators, and IT professionals who are focused on Microsoft Windows will benefit from this course.




System-administration or application-development experience with Microsoft Windows. A general familiarity with cloud computing


Length: 1.0 day (8 hours)


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