What is CodeRed? CodeRed is a subscription-based learning platform for busy cyber professionals created by EC-Council, the leader in cyber security training. CodeRed content consists of 30+ premium video courses and 1500+ videos. New courses and content are added weekly to our library to keep you up-to-date with the latest skills and technologies. The courses published on CodeRed contain an abundance of demo lab videos that dive deeper into important cyber concepts and gives you the practical technical knowledge you need to advance your career and improve your performance as a cyber professional. Subscription includes: 1 Year Access Access to Unlimited Premium videos in Library No limit on Repeat Watch Unlimited Access to CodeRed Resources


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Learning Objectives

This subscription offers you:
Insider secrets from an Ethical Hacker on Internet Safety
Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Business
Email Phishing
Ethical Hacking Capture the Flag Walkthroughs
Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking
Mastering Attacks and the Countermeasures
Deep Dive into the world of Malware
Session Hijacking and Prevention Techniques
Penetration Testing with Python and Android
Attack and Defence the SQL Injection Way
Fundamental Networking Concepts and Protocols
Blue Team Bootcamp: Defending Against Hackers
Deep Dive into Mobile Hacking
Microdegree in Cloud Security

  • Course Outline

  • Cybersecurity library of books with curated content on; infosec, web platform, cloud computing, web development, and networking.
    Premium cybersecurity videos that provide practicial technical knowledge.
    Content focused on job role training.
    Unlimited Access to CodeRed Resources.


This course is best for: Career Starter - Fresh graduate looking to build a career in rapidly growing cybersecurity/ethical hacking industry Career Enhancer - Current cyber professionals looking to enhance their skills and progress in their career Career Switcher - Current working professionals looking to switch to an industry that is high in job demand and low in skill supply.




There are no rerequisites for this course.

Length: 365.0 days (8760 hours)


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