Geared for experienced Java developers, Java REST Essentials is a two day, lab-intensive services training course that introduces developers to the core concepts, principles, and Java implementations for RESTful services. Today's development environments are increasingly dominated by sophisticated tooling that makes the implementation of RESTful services less arduous. The proper design of these services is far more complex and demanding. Java RESTful Service Essentials focuses on providing an understanding of the fundamental principles and technologies that are used in building these services. This understanding is critical to being able to diagnose, troubleshoot, tune, and perform other lifecycle activities.


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Learning Objectives

This "skills-centric" course is about 50% hands-on lab and 50% lecture, designed to train attendees in core RESTful development skills, coupling the most current, effective techniques with the soundest industry practices. Working within in a hands-on learning environment, guided by our expert team, attendees will learn to:
Understand and apply the basic concepts of REST
Understand and intelligently discuss the similarities and differences between RESTful services and SOAP-based services
Appreciate the security concerns associated with RESTful services
Design, develop, and deploy real-world RESTful Services
Effectively define and design endpoints
Work with query parameters
Determine the best format to use for exchanging data
Understand the principles associated with HTTP methods and how to stay congruent to them
Extend the semantics of the RESTful service beyond the HTTP methods
Implement RESTful services using JAX-RS to
Handle various HTTP methods
Use different approaches for parameters
Deal with content negotiation
Work with different data formats including XML and JSON
Handle exceptions
Implement RESTful Java clients
Develop JAX-RS Java clients using the JAX-RS 2.0 Client API
Manage different Web targets
Deal with content negotiation on the client
Work with different data formats including XML and JSON
Properly process server responses
Implement JAX-RS Filters and Interceptors
Intercept and manipulate service requests and responses
Dynamically register interceptor to resources
Understand the concept of NameBinding
Discover asynchronous JAX-RS processing
Implement an asynchronous JAX-RS service endpoint
Register response listeners

  • Session- Working with REST

  • Overview of REST
    Designing RESTful Services

  • JAX-RS

  • Lesson- Introduction to JAX-RS
    @Path- URI Matching
    JAX-RS Content Negotiation
    JAX-RS Request and Response
    JAX-RS Client API
    JAX-RS Filters and Interceptors
    Asynchronous JAX-RS


This is an intermediate level training course, designed for experienced Java developers and architects who need to identify, design, and implement web services. We will explore and apply the terminology, the specification, the processes and technologies specific to web services. Students should have at least a year of practical development experience with Java and servlets, and should be familiar with XML and JSON.




There are no stated prerequisites for this course. Please check with your representative for details.


Length: 2.0 days (16 hours)


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