This fast-track course is designed for experienced developers who have prior working knowledge of basic Java 8 or Java 9 and want to take advantage of the newest features of Java 9 that can help improve performance and functionality of Java 9 applications. You will gain invaluable insight into how to leverage Modules, scale applications into multi-core environments, improve performance, and become a more effective Java 9 developer.


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Learning Objectives

Students will leave this course armed with the required skills to improve their Java applications using sound coding techniques and best practices.

This course is about 50% hands-on lab and 50% lecture, designed to train attendees in advanced development skills, coupling the most current, effective techniques with the soundest industry practices. Working in a hands-on learning environment, guided by our expert team, attendees will learn to:
Develop modular applications in Java
Utilize the tooling that is provided in Java 9 to migrate, monitor and optimize applications
Use the new JShell tool to quickly test java constructs
Understand how the implementation of the String class has been updated to decrease the memory footprint
Use the enhancements made to the Concurrency API, working with Completable Future instance of Thread pools
Specific Java 9 features that are covered in the course include:
The Java Module System (project Jigsaw)
Updated try-with-resources
Performance enhancements in Java 9
Multi-Release Jar files

  • Java 9 Updates

  • Review of What is New in Java 9
    Milling Project Coin

  • The Java Module system (Jigsaw)

  • Why JigSaw?
    Introduction to the Module System
    The Module Descriptor
    Working with Modules

  • JShell

  • JShell

  • More Java 9

  • Other New Java 9 Features
    Performance Optimizations
    Memory Management (Optional)

  • Multithreading and Concurrency

  • Multithreading
    Concurrent Java
    Java 8 Concurrency Updates

  • Reflection and References

  • Introspection and Reflection
    Reference Objects

  • Effective Java

  • Objects, Declarations, and Initializations

  • Writing High-Performance Applications

  • Profiling and Benchmarking
    Profiling Tools
    Code Optimization Techniques
    Code Optimization Myths
    Design Optimization Techniques


This in an intermediate level Java development course geared for students experienced with Java 8 or later programming essentials who wish to quickly get up and running with advanced Java skills. This course does not cover Java programming fundamentals.




TT2100-J9Introduction to Java 9 Programming for OO Experienced Developers TT2120-J9 Java 9 Programming Basics for Developers new to OO Continued Java & JEE training: Intermediate to Advanced Java, JEE Essentials, Java for Web, Spring / Spring Boot, Microservices / Web Services / REST, RXJava, Tuning, Patterns & More TDD / Test Driven Development, JUnit / Unit Testing, Agile development training Secure Java Coding / Java Security and secure application development training Mobile developer / Android training Please contact us for recommended next steps tailored to your longer-term education, project, role or development objectives.


Length: 4.0 days (32 hours)


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