Helps prepare learners to implement more advanced functions and options in the Cisco Unified CCE environment.


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Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:
Understand CCE solutions, architecture, solution options, deployment models, integrated features and call flow options.
Apply advanced scripting principles using the expression editor and custom functions and implement silent monitoring and recording.
Understand Cisco Finesse administration and how to set up reason/wrap-up codes, desktop layout, custom variables, and workflow applications and implement Finesse IP Phone Agent.
Understand and implement VoiceXML applications and configure access to an external database via the VXML Server.
Understand the concepts behind translation routing to include when, why, and how to implement translation routing in a Cisco Unified CCE or traditional ICM environment.
Implement Cisco Unified CCE Options including Cisco Outbound dialing, Courtesy Callback, Agent Greeting/Whisper announcements, and Mobile Agent.
Understand advanced CUIC reporting concepts including administration, importing reports, and custom reporting.

  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Overview

  • Lesson 1- Presenting Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise
    Lesson 2- Cisco Unified CCE Core Components
    Lesson 3- Cisco Unified CCE Options
    Lesson 4- Basic Call Flow Models

  • Implementing Business Rules

  • Lesson 1- Advanced Scripting and Routing
    Lesson 2- ICM Scripting Variables, Expressions, Formulas and Functions
    Lesson 3- Silent Monitoring and Recording
    Lesson 4- Advanced CVP Configurations

  • Using Finesse Administration

  • Lesson 1- Finesse Overview
    Lesson 2- Finesse Administration
    Lesson 3- Finesse IP Phone Agent

  • Using CVP VoiceXML Applications

  • Lesson 1- Basic VoiceXML Functionality
    Lesson 2- Using Call Studio
    Lesson 3- ICM Scripting for VoiceXML Applications

  • Translation Routing

  • Lesson 1- Traditional Translation Routing
    Lesson 2- Translation Routing to CVP

  • Configuring Cisco Unified CCE Options

  • Lesson 1- Cisco Outbound Option
    Lesson 2- Courtesy Callback
    Lesson 3- Agent Greeting/Whisper Announcements
    Lesson 4- Mobile Agent

  • CUIC Reporting for the Advanced User

  • Lesson 1- CUIC Overview
    Lesson 2- CUIC Administration
    Lesson 3- Importing and Using CVP Reports
    Lesson 4- Custom Reporting


This course is best for Cisco Unified Communications system channel partners and resellers, System and technical support engineers, and Customers who are deploying and maintaining Cisco Unified CCE solution products.




While there are no prerequisites for this course, please ensure you have the right level of experience to be successful in this training.


Length: 5.0 days (40 hours)


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