This is a one-day instructor-led course that teaches the students how to Administer and Use a WebEx Team Board for Collaboration Teams.


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Learning Objectives

Overview of Cisco WebEx Boards
Setting up and configuring WebEx Board
Using WebEx Teams Board
Troubleshooting WebEx Team Boards
WebEx Teams API

  • Overview of Cisco WebEx Board

  • Introducing the WebEx Board
    WebEx Board Capabilities
    WebEx Board Considerations
    WebEx Board 55
    WebEx Board 70
    WebEx Board 85

  • Setting up and Configuring WebEx Board

  • Unpacking WebEx Boards
    Mounting options for the WebEx Board
    Webex Board Touch 10 Support
    Audio Arrays for Webex Board
    Cisco WebEx Board Pen
    WebEx Board Easy Installation
    WebEx Board Activation
    WebEx Board Registration to Cloud
    WebEx Board Registration to CUCM
    Software Updates
    Setting up email for annotation and White
    Using the WebEx Board as a Digital Signage
    Setup Branding on the WebEx Boards
    Reset to Factory Default
    User Interface
    -Device Settings
    -Call Quality
    -Check health and Services
    -Check Camera

  • Using the WebEx Board

  • Using the WebEx Board as Standalone Conference unit
    Using the WebEx Board with WebEx Teams app
    Pairing WebEx Teams app with the WebEx Board
    Making Calls with the WebEx Board
    Whiteboarding with the WebEx Board
    Collaborating with WebEx Board
    Using Wireless sharing
    Using WebEx Board attach to a WebEx teams space
    WebEx Board Companion Mode

  • Troubleshooting the WebEx Board

  • On-Screen Diagnostics
    Camera Check
    Media Quality
    Web Interface
    Web Interface – Diagnostics
    Web Interface – Monitoring Calls
    Web Interface – Call Control
    Web Interface – System Logs
    Web Interface – Call Logs
    Troubleshooting Registration
    Troubleshooting Connectivity

  • Labs

  • Installing WebEx Teams Application
    Setup WebEx Board
    Configuring WebEx Board
    Configure advanced settings
    Configuring Conferences with WebEx Boards
    Making calls with WebEx Boards
    Joining Spaces With WebEx Boards
    Whiteboarding WebEx Board Sessions
    Annotating WebEx Board sessions
    Monitor WebEx Board Sessions
    Troubleshooting WebEx Board Sessions


The primary audience for this course is as follows: WebEx Board Power Users Network Video Administrators Collaboration Administrators Network Video Engineer Voice/UC/Collaboration/Communications Engineer Collaboration Tools Engineer Collaboration Sales/Systems Engineer




There are no stated prerequisites for this course. Please check with your representative for details.


Length: 1.0 day (8 hours)


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