DevOps practices have enabled organizations to undergo a digital transformation, moving from a monolithic waterfall approach to a rapidly deploying cloud-based agile process. This transformation requires a team of developers trained to use tools that enable them to spend more time coding and testing and less time troubleshooting. Red Hat DevOps Pipelines and Processes: CI/CD with Jenkins, Git, and Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a practical introduction to DevOps for developers that teaches students the necessary skills and technologies for automated building and deploying of cloud-native applications.


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Learning Objectives

You will be able to use the concepts in this course to simplify and more efficiently integrate your application code, build reliable code with TDD, and use automated pipelines to simplify testing. You will learn how to build pipelines, design applications with a “test first” approach, and integrate application code with Git. This course is intended to illustrate the benefits of DevOps and the tools that support its implementation.

  • Introduction to continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)

  • Describe the principles of DevOps and the role of Jenkins.

  • Integrate source code with version control

  • Manage source code changes with Git version control.

  • Test applications

  • Describe the foundational principles behind comprehensive application testing and implement unit, integration, and functional testing.

  • Build applications with test-driven development

  • Implement and build application features with TDD.

  • Author pipelines

  • Create basic pipelines to run Jenkins jobs.

  • Deploy applications with pipelines

  • Safely and automatically deploy applications to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

  • Implement pipeline security and monitoring

  • Manage the security and monitor the performance of pipelines.

  • Consume pipelines

  • Work with (or “Use”) and troubleshoot CI/CD pipelines for automated deployment and automated testing.


This course is designed for application developers.




While there are no prerequisites for this course, please ensure you have the right level of experience to be successful in this training.


Length: 5.0 days (40 hours)


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