Introduction to Perl Programming Essentials is an Introductory-level practical, hands-on Perl scripting training course that guides the students from the basics of writing and running Perl scripts to using more advanced features such as file operations, report writing, the use of regular expressions, working with binary data files, and using the extensive functionality of the standard Perl library. Students will immediately be able to use Perl to complete tasks in the real world.


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Learning Objectives

Working in a hands-on learning environment, guided by our expert team, attendees will learn to:
Create a working script that gets input from the command line, the keyboard, or a file
Use arrays to store and process data from files
Create formatted reports
Use regular expressions
Use the appropriate types of variables and data structures
Refactor duplicate code into subroutines and modules
What is available in the standard library
Use shortcuts and defaults, and what they replace

Course Info

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Cost: $ 2,495

Length: 5.0 days (40 hours)


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