This course covers the media and cloud fundamentals that will empower you to develop a cloud migration strategy for media workflows in support of business goals. The course covers important concepts related to video processing and delivery, the variables that can impact migration decisions, and real-world examples of hybrid and cloud use cases for AWS Media Services. It also introduces security, artificial intelligence, and analytics concepts to help you consider how AWS Media Services fit into your overall cloud strategy.


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Learning Objectives

In this course, you will learn to:

Articulate the essential terms and concepts fundamental to video compression and distribution
Describe the four fundamental stages of video streaming workflows: ingest, process, store and deliver
Explain the importance of security in the AWS Cloud and how it is applied in video streaming workflows
Analyze video streaming workflow diagrams using AWS services, based on simple to complex use cases
Describe some of the key variables that influence workflow decisions
Recognize how other AWS services for compliance, storage, and compute, interact with AWS Media Services in video streaming workflows and the functions they perform
Describe strategies to test or prototype workflows to mitigate risk and cost impacts and optimize video streaming workflows
Use the AWS Management Console to build and run simple video streaming workflows for live and video-on-demand content
Recognize the automation and data analytics available for Media Services when used with AWS AI and explore media-specific use cases for these services
Identify the next steps in exploring migration to the cloud for one or more Media Services

  • Module 1: Important video concepts

  • Video Metrics
    Video Compression
    Video Distribution
    Major Protocols Used in Video Streaming

  • Module 2: Anatomy of streaming workflows

  • Ingest

  • Module 3: Using AWS services in media workflows video-on-demand (VOD)

  • Introduction to AWS Media Services
    Variables Impacting Workflow Design
    VOD Simple Use Cases
    VOD Advanced Use Cases
    Lab 1: Build and run a simple video streaming workflow for VOD content

  • Module 4: Using AWS services in media workflows live streaming

  • Challenges of Live Streaming
    Live Streaming Simple Use Cases
    Live Streaming Advanced Use Cases
    Lab 2: Build and run a simple video streaming workflow for live content

  • Module 5: Optimizing Workflows

  • Cost Considerations
    Mitigating Risk
    Monitoring and Automation
    Exploring Migration Options


This course is intended for Business Leaders, including managers/supervisors whose job role could be Developer, Architect, or Video Operator.




While there are no prerequisites for this course, please ensure you have the right level of experience to be successful in this training.


Length: 2.0 days (16 hours)


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