Learn advanced concepts and develop skills needed to design and administer CloudGuard Network Security Environments.


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Learning Objectives

Discuss AWS Platform Components and their relationship to Check Point CloudGuard Network Security.
Explain how to maintain a secure, efficient, and stable cloud environment.
Describe the components and constraints of a hub and spoke security environment.
Describe the function of the Cloud Management Extension.
Explain the purpose of identity and access controls and constraints in different cloud platforms.
Explain the steps required to configure Identity and Access controls in AWS.
Describe the purpose and function of the CloudGuard Controller, its processes, and how it is tied to the Identity Awareness feature.
Explain how to design and configure Cloud Adaptive Policies.
Discuss the purpose and function of Data Center Objects.
Describe the function and advantages of Cloud Service Provider (CSP) automation templates for instance and resource deployments.
Explain how CSP templates can be used for maintenance tasks in the cloud environment.
Discuss Third-Party Automation tools, how they can simplify deployment and maintenance tasks, and the constraints associated with them.
Discuss Scaling Solutions and Options for Cloud Environments.
Explain the Scaling Options in AWS.
Describe the workflow for configuring scaling solutions in AWS.
Discuss how ClusterXL operates and what elements work together to permit traffic failover.
Explain how ClusterXL functions differently in a Cloud Environment.
Describe how clusters are created and function in AWS.
Discuss the elements involved in Hybrid Data Center deployments, the advantages of them, and the constraints involved.
Explain the nature of a “Greenfield” deployment, the advantages of it, and the constraints involved.
Describe the components and constraint involved in deploying a Disaster Recovery Site in the cloud.
Discuss the steps required for troubleshooting automation in AWS.
Explain the steps required for troubleshooting Scaling Solution issues in AWS.
Describe the steps required for troubleshooting clusters in AWS.

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