Cyber security professionals have their work cut out for them when it comes to navigating through the numerous industry regulations and guidance available surrounding the topic of cyber security. Which set of criteria applies to my organization…and why? New Horizons is here to assist in guiding your organization through today’s cyber security regulation and guidance and landscape. This course delivered over 3 half-day sessions will provide business owners, leaders, managers, implementors, and practitioners a comprehensive review of legal, regulatory, and policy requirements for businesses seeking to or presently handling protected data (FCI/CUI/CDI). Implementation guidance will include presenting and developing compliance requirements across diverse business environments and will discu


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Learning Objectives

In this course, you will examine the current CMMC model (Version 1.02), framework, context, and application within the DoD, as well as the expectations and requirements that will be imposed upon organizations that do business with the DoD. It will also help you to identify threats to cybersecurity and privacy within an IoT ecosystem and implement appropriate countermeasures. You will gain the skills to Identify risks within the defense supply chain and the established standards for managing them; Describe how the CMMC model ensures compliance with federal acquisition regulations; Identify responsibilities of the CMMC Certified Professional, including appropriate ethics and behavior; Identify regulated information and establish the Certification and Assessment scope boundaries for evaluating the systems that protect that regulated information; Evaluate OSC readiness and determine the objective evidence you intend to present to the assessor; Use the NIST 800-171A and CMMC Assessment Guide to assess objective evidence for processes and practices; Implement and evaluate practices required to meet CMMC maturity level 1; Implement and evaluate processes and practices required to meet CMMC maturity level 2; Implement and evaluate processes and practices required to meet CMMC maturity level 3; Identify processes and practices required to meet CMMC maturity levels 4 and 5; Work through the logistics of a CMMC assessment, including planning for and conducting the assessment, as well as any follow-up processes, such as remediation and adjudication.

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