Red Hat Transformational Learning: Introduction to Pragmatic Site Reliability Engineering (TL112) teaches the vocabulary, concepts and cultural considerations required to prepare to adopt an implementation of DevOps referred to as Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). In this course, the history, definitions, and Red Hat specific take on this practice will be explored as the student prepares to continue the learning path of joining or implementing an SRE team.


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Learning Objectives

Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering
Determining Operational Readiness
Describing Toil and Implementing Automation
Explaining and Calculating Error Budgets
Explaining Incident Management
Implementing Site Reliability Engineering

  • Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering

  • Compare and contrast traditional systems administration with Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps.

  • Determining Operational Readiness

  • Determine if your organization is ready to adopt SRE principles

  • Describing Toil and Implementing Automation

  • Define and describe toil and how to leverage automation.

  • Explaining and Calculating Error Budgets

  • Explain the importance of setting error budgets

  • Explaining Incident Management

  • Describe incident management and the relationship to Site Reliability Engineering


This course is designed for DevOps Practitioners, System Administrators, and Software Developers.




While there are no prerequisites for this course, please ensure you have the right level of experience to be successful in this training.


Length: 3.0 days (24 hours)


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