The New Horizons Online ANYTIME Premier Collection combines the Technical, Business Applications, and Leadership Collections in one convenient package to provide instant access to hundreds of self-paced, on-demand, popular topics form all three collections. Content ranges from short duration microlearning to multi-component courses where you can practice skills, learn new subjects, or prep for certification exams. To see what classes are available within this Collection, click the Browse button on the upper left side of the page and then click the Collection title and browse available courses that display within the Collection. More detailed browse instructions can be reviewed in the class activity.


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Learning Objectives

This collection contains topics for all skill levels.

  • Collection 1

  • Complete Technical Collection

  • Collection 2

  • Complete Business Applications Collection

  • Collection 3

  • Complete Leadership Collection


Individuals at all levels of expertise looking to practice skills, learn new subjects, or prepare for certification exams for themselves and their team will benefit from this course.




There are no rerequisites for this course.

Length: 365.0 days (2920 hours)


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