If you are looking for the “gotta have it” cybersecurity course, then the Certified Information Systems Security Officer is for you.  The C)ISSO will prepare you for multiple managerial roles inside the INFOSEC community by covering a broad range of topics. You will learn theories in security concepts, practices, monitoring and compliance in IS management. An Information Systems Security Officer is able to implement and maintain cost-effective security controls that are closely aligned with business and industry standards. The C)ISSO certification course is an ideal way to increase knowledge, expertise, and skill for managers, auditors, and INFOSEC professionals.  At Mile2 we consider the C)ISSO to be one of our flagship courses.The things you learn in this course can be applied to managem


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Learning Objectives

The person who carries this certification should be able to acquire necessary resources, advise senior leadership, collaborate with stakeholders, evaluate effectiveness, identify cybersecurity problems, manage threats, oversee information security awareness programs, participate in risk assessments, support compliance activities, and define or implement policies and procedures to ensure protection of critical infrastructure within an information security environment.

  • Course Outline

  • Risk Management
    Security Management
    Identification and Authentication
    Access Control
    Security Models and Evaluation
    Operations Security
    Vulnerability Assessments
    Symmetric Cryptography and Hashing
    Network Connections
    Network Protocols and Devices
    Telephony, VPNs, and Wireless
    Security Architecture and Attacks
    Software Development Security
    Database Security
    Malware and Software Attacks
    Business Continuity
    Disaster Recovery
    Incident Management, Law, and Ethics
    Physical Security


IS Security Officers IS Managers Risk Managers Auditors Information Systems Owners IS Control Assessors System Managers Government Employees




There are no stated prerequisites for this course. Please check with your representative for details.


Length: 5.0 days (40 hours)


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