Kick start your prep for the AIZ-110 certification exam with Artificial Intelligence for Business (AIBIZ) course. The artificial intelligence course offers complete coverage of the AIBIZ AIZ-110 certification exam objectives and helps you learn artificial intelligence technologies, strategies, algorithms, and applications. The artificial intelligence certification course also provides an understanding of approaches to machine and deep learning, data science, search engine, and many more.


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Learning Objectives

The CertNexus AIBIZ AIZ-110 exam provides business leaders, project managers, and other stakeholders a plan to drive their AI strategy. Successful candidates of this exam will learn the fundamentals of AI implementations, AI concepts, approaches to machine learning and deep learning, and the impact of AI including business use cases. The artificial intelligence certification provides the foundational knowledge of all the basic and advanced concepts related to AI.

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Cost: $ 159.99

Length: 365.0 days (20 hours)


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