The Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) for Oracle Database 12c includes the advanced knowledge and skills required of top-performing database administrators, including development and deployment of backup, recovery and Cloud computing strategies.


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Learning Objectives

You will learn:
To understand and manage the Oracle Database Architecture
To be able to manage and monitor to running of an Oracle Database 12c instance
To understand how to manage network connections, security, and privileges on an Oracle Database 12c database
To understand how to use manage tablespaces and undo data
To understand how data concurrency and auditing is managed and implemented in Oracle Database 12c
To understand how to prepare for and perform data backup and recovery tasks in Oracle Database 12c
To understand the importance of proactive database maintenance, and how to implement it
Use Oracle Database 12c tools to manage and monitor data, and automate tasks

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Cost: $ 279.99

Length: 365.0 days (20 hours)


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