The Virtualization Essentials course is designed for IT professionals with specialization in a particular discipline such as server administration, networking, or storage and who are looking for an introduction into virtualization or cloud computing as a way to grow in the organization. The Virtualization course is a package of interactive lessons, TestPrep, and assessments that provide an understanding of topics such as virtual machines, managing CPUs, storage, and memory of a virtual machine.


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Learning Objectives

Gain the foundational knowledge you need to take the first stesp on this topic.

  • Introduction

  • Introduction to the Course

  • Understanding Virtualization

  • Describing Virtualization
    Understanding the Importance of Virtualization
    Understanding Virtualization Software Operation

  • Understanding Hypervisors

  • Describing a Hypervisor
    Understanding the Role of a Hypervisor
    Comparing Today's Hypervisors

  • Understanding Virtual Machines

  • Describing a Virtual Machine
    Understanding How a Virtual Machine Works
    Working with Virtual Machines

  • Creating a Virtual Machine

  • Performing P2V Conversions
    Loading Your Environment
    Building a New Virtual Machine

  • Installing Windows on a Virtual Machine

  • Loading Windows into a Virtual Machine
    Understanding Configuration Options
    Optimizing a New Virtual Machine

  • Installing Linux on a Virtual Machine

  • Loading Linux into a Virtual Machine
    Understanding Configuration Options
    Optimizing a New Linux Virtual Machine

  • Managing CPUs for a Virtual Machine

  • Understanding CPU Virtualization
    Configuring VM CPU Options
    Tuning Practices for VM CPUs

  • Managing Memory for a Virtual Machine

  • Understanding Memory Virtualization
    Configuring VM Memory Options
    Tuning Practices for VM Memory

  • Managing Storage for a Virtual Machine

  • Understanding Storage Virtualization
    Configuring VM Storage Options
    Tuning Practices for VM Storage

  • Managing Networking for a Virtual Machine

  • Understanding Network Virtualization
    Configuring VM Network Options
    Tuning Practices for Virtual Networks

  • Copying a Virtual Machine

  • Cloning a Virtual Machine
    Working with Templates
    Saving a Virtual Machine State

  • Managing Additional Devices in Virtual Machines

  • Using Virtual Machine Tools
    Understanding Virtual Devices
    Configuring a CD/DVD Drive
    Configuring a Floppy Disk Drive
    Configuring a Sound Card
    Configuring USB Devices
    Configuring Graphic Displays
    Configuring Other Devices

  • Understanding Availability

  • Increasing Availability
    Protecting a Virtual Machine
    Protecting Multiple Virtual Machines
    Protecting Data Centers

  • Understanding Applications in a Virtual Machine

  • Examining Virtual Infrastructure Performance Capabilities
    Deploying Applications in a Virtual Environment
    Understanding Virtual Appliances and vApps
    Open Stack and Containers


Anyone looking to take the first steps into virtualization will benefit from this course.




While there are no prerequisites for this course, please ensure you have the right level of experience to be successful in this training.

Length: 365.0 days ( hours)


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