These courses provide the essentials to those newly entering the workforce. From writing better business emails and agendas, to providing strong customer service, to developing essential interpersonal skills, this Journey is the ideal first step toward a successful work experience.


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Learning Objectives

Completion of this three-course path provides those new to business or new to an organization the skills needed to get off to the best start, building effective relationships and interactions that will become the foundation for professional growth.

  • Course 1-Developing Successful Interpersonal Skills (3 Days)

  • This course will prepare students for the collaborative situations inherent in every facet of business, whether working with colleagues, partners, vendors, or clients.

  • Course 2 -Writing for the Business Professional (2 Days)

  • In this course, you will learn the essential skills needed to organize your thoughts and select the best words and phrases to clearly convey them in writing.

  • Course 3 -Providing Outstanding Customer Service (2 Days)

  • This course offers practical tools and techniques to win clients, create loyal advocates for your business, and deliver excellent customer service.


This Journey is best for new employees, transitioning employees, or anyone in an organization who could benefit from the skills taught in this Learning Journey.




There are no rerequisites for this course.


Length: 365.0 days (20 hours)


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