For those undertaking leadership responsibilities for the first time, this Journey provides them the ability to speak their employee’s languages, work through resistance, and influence others through the practice of their authentic leadership style.


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Learning Objectives

Completion of this three-course path provides new managers/directors/team or department leads with a skillset that will enhance their abilities to succeed from day one.

  • Course 1 -Extending Your Sphere of Influence (2 Days)

  • In this course, you will learn to become proficient in the art of persuasion, selecting and utilizing appropriate styles and strategies to have the most influential effect, as well as understanding how to protect yourself from being manipulated by others.

  • Course 2 -Evolving into the Manager Role (3 Days)

  • In this course, students will learn how to confidently acquire and build these skills through relevant discussions, team and individual activities.

  • Course 3 -Discovering Your Leadership Voice (2 Days)

  • Leaders inspire followership in others. Whether speaking conversationally or presenting before a group, a powerful leadership message delivered with impact and focused on the needs of the audience, can motivate and energize others.


This is designed for new managers, new Directors, new Team/Department leads, or anyone in an organization who could benefit from the skills taught in this Learning Journey.




There are no rerequisites for this course.


Length: 365.0 days (20 hours)


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