Director-level leaders must understand the importance of facilitating information quickly and applicably, challenging their team members to transform thinking, and setting better visionary practices in motion. This unique Journey provides strategic leaders with the insight they need to get the best out of individuals and teams.


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Learning Objectives

Completion of this three-course path provides experienced leaders with a unique exploration of the most critical competencies to enhance their leadership effectiveness and drive organizational and strategic initiatives with a renewed efficacy.

  • Course 1 -Critical Facilitation Skills for Leaders (2 Days)

  • Students will learn how to develop and apply facilitation techniques to support their team at every stage of the team life cycle. Students will enhance their interpersonal competencies and observational abilities to deal with disruptions and more.

  • Course 2 - Becoming a Transformational Leader (2 Days)

  • This course will help students develop authentic leadership qualities that motivate and drive others to reach their full potential, and become the transformational leaders of the future.

  • Course 3 -Leadership Excellence for Senior Management (3 Days)

  • To maximize performance and foster a healthy environment, senior managers must also motivate others, nurturing and utilizing the distinctive skills of each team member.


This Journey is ideal for Directors, Senior Directors, VPs and higher, or anyone in an organization who could benefit from the skills taught in this Learning Journey.




There are no rerequisites for this course.


Length: 365.0 days (20 hours)


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