Geared for experienced Tableau Users, Tableau Prep Building (Tableau Data Prep) for Experienced Users is a two-day hands-on course designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge of how to prepare and shape data in Tableau Prep. It’s best suited for people who have 3-6 months experience in Tableau Desktop and are somewhat familiar with writing calculations. Throughout the course, our instructors will take you from conceptual data preparation material to creating useful Tableau Prep flows that can be output to Tableau Desktop for analysis NOTE: The Tableau Training Series is independent-format training that can be tuned and adjusted to best meet your needs. Our materials are flexible, comprehensive, and are always instructed by a senior instructor with a deep understanding of Tableau


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Learning Objectives

This skills-focused course combines expert lecture, real-world demonstrations and group discussions with machine-based practical labs and exercises.
Working in a hands-on learning environment led by our expert facilitator, students will learn how to:
Understand what data works best with Tableau Desktop and how to shape and clean it appropriately to get
Learn how to maximize flexibility from Tableau Desktop.
Learn how Tableau Prep folds into the analytic cycle, and when to prep data in Tableau Prep vs. Tableau Desktop.
Understand the terminology used in Tableau Prep.
Know how Tableau Prep approaches data sampling.
Create and understand data prep flows that address common scenarios encountered in data preparation, as applied to common data use cases
Know how to view data prepared in Tableau Prep using Tableau Desktop.
Understand data exploration and validation in Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop.

  • Course Outline

  • Introduction to the workspace
    Introduction to the workflow
    Data literacy concepts
    Connecting to and configuring data
    Exploring data
    Cleaning data
    Preferred data structures in Tableau
    Shaping data
    Combining data
    Opening a data sample and creating an output file
    Best practices for data preparation
    Complex flows
    Starting with a question
    Hands-on data preparation


This is an Intermediate and beyond-level Tableau course geared for experienced Tableau users who wish to leverage Tableau's more advanced capabilities.




While there are no prerequisites for this course, please ensure you have the right level of experience to be successful in this training.


Length: 2.0 days (16 hours)


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