This three-course bundle includes eLearning videos and course material for the Emerging Technology for the Business professional, inclusive of IoTBIZ, AIBIZ and DSBIZ, as well as a combined assessment allowing the learner to obtain the ETBIZ credential. Business professionals will gain an understanding of internet of things, artificial intelligence and data science, plus the benefits and challenges of how to begin integrating these emerging technologies into your business.


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Learning Objectives

Please see course outline for details.


  • Lesson 1: Defining IoT for Business Leaders

    Topic A: IoT Ingredients

    Topic B: IoT Business Strategies

    Lesson 2: IoT Infrastructure

    Topic A: System of Systems

    Topic B: Identify Resources

    Lesson 3: Business Benefits and Challenges of IoT

    Topic A: Business Considerations

    Topic B: Security Concerns

    Topic C: Organizational and Societal Impacts

    Lesson 4: Real World Applications for IoT

    Topic A: IoT Market Sectors

    Topic B: IoT Implementation

    Lesson 5: Best Practices for IoT Implementation


  • Lesson 1: AI Fundamentals

    Topic A: AI Concepts

    Topic B: Approaches to Machine Learning and Deep Learning

    Lesson 2: AI Implementations

    Topic A: Data Science

    Topic B: Search Engines

    Topic C: Natural Language Processing

    Topic D: Computer Vision

    Topic E: Robotics

    Lesson 3: The Impact of AI

    Topic A: Benefits of AI

    Topic B: Challenges of AI

    Topic C: Business Use Cases for AI


  • Lesson 1: Data Science Fundamentals

    Topic A: What is Data Science?

    Topic B: Types of Data

    Topic C: The Data Science Lifecycle

    Lesson 2: Data Science Implementation

    Topic A: Data Acquisition and Preparation

    Topic B: Data Modeling and Visualization

    Topic C: Data Science Roles

    Lesson 3: The Impact of Data Science

    Topic A: Benefits of Data Science

    Topic B: Challenges of Data Science

    Topic C: Business Use Cases for Data Science


This course is intended for business leads in project management, marketing and sales who are seeking to grow their organization through IoT, AI and Data Science technology solutions. To ensure your success in this course, you should have a working knowledge of general business concepts and practices. You should also have a basic understanding of information technology (IT) resources and systems, including networks, computers, and other digital devices used in an enterprise setting. This course prepares students for taking the CertNexus IoTBIZ Credential (IOZ-110), the AIBIZ exam (exam AIZ-110), and the DSBIZ (Exam DSZ-110) credential.




There are no prerequisites for this course.

Length: 365.0 days (12 hours)


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