Students will learn to explore challenges, defy incorrect assumptions, and look at things with new and differing perspectives, incorporating these insights into your thought processes, and enabling them to find solutions.


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Learning Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to engage critical thinking through curiosity and their ability to ask good questions. They will be introduced to best practices of critical thinking, and leverage open-mindedness to become more receptive and highly tuned for new ideas.

  • What is Critical Thinking?

  • Becoming a Rational Thinker

    Critical Thinking in Application

    Applying Reason

    Developing Open-Mindedness 

  • Critical Thinking Best Practices

  • Better Practices

    Watching Out for Bias 

    SWOT Analysis


This course is part of a focused workshop series that allows customers to have a hands-on experience of our CLD and LPD products.




There are no prerequisites for this course.


Length: 1.0 day (3 hours)


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