This one-day hands-on course will teach the participant the full functionality of iMovie. The course will begin with how to import video and photographs into iMovie; how to review and organize the footage; how to shape a story using the editing and trimming tools; how to add music and sound and other video effects and overlays. Lastly, the class will explore sharing your completed movies with your Mac computer, YouTube and other streaming outlets.


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  • Course Outline

  • Introduction to iMovie

    • Adding Media from Photo Library
    • Other Ways to Import Media
    • From iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch
    • Record Video Directly into iMovie
    • Importing Media from Mac
    • Playing or Skimming Video
    • Sorting and Searching for Clips
    • Marking Clips as Favorite or Rejected

    Creating Movies

    • Creating a New Movie
    • Viewing and Managing Projects
    • Setting Movie Themes
    • Selecting Clips
    • Adding and Trimming Clips
    • Moving and Splitting Clips
    • Adding and Modifying Transitions
    • Adding and Editing Titles
    • Adding Music and Sound Clips

    Working with Trailers (If required)

    • Creating Trailer
    • Adding Video
    • Adding Titles and Credits
    • Converting Trailer to Movie

    Adding Video Effects

    • Enhancing Clip
    • Adjusting Clip’s Order
    • Cropping and Rotating Clips
    • Stabilizing Shaky Clips
    • Adding Video Effects
    • Adding Freeze Frame
    • Creating Effects with Multiple Clips
    • Slow Down and Speed Up Clips
    • Adding Instant Replay or Rewind Effect
    • Copy Effects and Adjustments

    Sharing Video Clips and Projects

    • Email Movie, Trailer, and Clip
    • Exporting Quick Time File
    • Exporting an Image
    • Share Online

    Customizing iMovie

    • iMovie Preferences
    • Customizing Project Settings
    • Changing iMovie Window Layout
    • Changing How Clips are Displayed

    Organizing Media

    • Organizing Media and Events
    • Working with Multiple Libraries
    • Consolidating Projects and Events

    Keyboard Shortcuts and Gestures

    • Overview of Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Multi-Touch Gestures
    • Force Touch Trackpad Gestures


Anyone who wants to learn how to create movies - from a home movie to professional looking films using iMovie.





Length: 1.0 day (8 hours)


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