The Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Operations and Troubleshooting (DCACIO) v5.2 course shows you how to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot Cisco® Nexus® 9000 Series Switches in Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI) mode. Through expert instruction and hands-on practice, you will learn about operational tools, best practices, caveats, and practice troubleshooting common issues on a live fabric. Based on lessons learned in wide range of production deployments, this course gives you the real-world knowledge and skills to boost operational efficiencies in your own deployment.


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Learning Objectives

After taking this course, you should be able to:
Describe the Cisco ACI built0in tools for operating and monitoring the fabric.
Describe the complex challenges related to monitoring and Cisco tools that address them: Cisco Nexus Dashboard and Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights.
Describe fabric installation upgrade, backup, restore, and best practices for Cisco NX-OS-to-ACI migration and Cisco ACI management access.
Describe the tools and best practices for monitoring ACI fabric.
Describe best practices for Cisco ACI naming conventions, Day-0 configuration, VMM integration, and Cisco ACI migrations.


  • Describing Cisco ACI Day-0 to Day-2 Operations

    Describing Day-2 Operational Tools

    Describing Cisco ACI Configuration Management

    Describing Cisco ACI Monitoring

    Cisco ACI Best Practices


This course is ideal for developers and engineers including: Network Engineer Systems Engineer Data Center Engineer Consulting Systems Engineer Technical Solutions Architect Cisco Integrators/Partners Field Engineer Server Administrator Network Manager




To fully benefit from this course, you should have the following knowledge and skills: Understanding of ACI architecture and concepts need to get an ACI fabric into production Familiarity with data center infrastructure operations Familiarity with management of Cisco data center switches Data center operations The following course will provide you with the required ACI skills: Implementing Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (DCACI) Implementing and Administering Cisco Solution (CCNA) Understanding Cisco Data Center Foundations (DCFNDU)


Length: 3.0 days (24 hours)


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