Every career in project management has a beginning and that is the purpose of this course. You will learn the fundamentals of project management. This includes project performance, when to use the predictive or adaptive methodologies, business analysis domains, and frameworks, as well as the proper use of one of the various adaptive frameworks.


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Learning Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:
Demonstrate an understanding of the various project life cycles and processes.
Distinguish between predictive and adaptive approaches.
Demonstrate an understanding of project management planning.
Demonstrate an understanding of project roles and responsibilities.
Explain the importance of the role the project manager plays.
Determine how to follow and execute and respond to planned strategies or frameworks (e.g., communication, risks, etc.).
Demonstrate an understanding of common problem-solving tools and techniques.
Identify the suitability of a predictive, plan-based approach for the organizational structure (e.g., virtual, colocation, matrix structure, hierarchical, etc.).
Determine and give examples of the activities within each process.
Demonstrate an understanding of a project management plan schedule.
Determine how to document project controls of predictive, plan-based projects.
Explain when it is appropriate and sustainable to use an adaptive approach for the organizational structure.
Compare the pros and cons of adaptive and predictive, plan-based projects.
Identify the suitability of adaptive approaches for the organizational structure (e.g., virtual, colocation, matrix structure, hierarchical, etc.).
Identify organizational process assets and environmental factors that facilitate the use of adaptive approaches.
Determine how to plan project iterations.
Determine how to document project controls for an adaptive project.
Distinguish between the components of different adaptive methodologies (e.g., Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Scaled Adaptive Framework (SAFe®), Kanban, etc.).
Determine how to prepare and execute task management steps.
Demonstrate an understanding of business analysis (BA) roles and responsibilities.
Demonstrate the importance of communication for a business analyst between various teams and stakeholders.
Determine how to gather requirements and using the best approach for a situation.
Explain the application of a product roadmap.
Determine how project methodologies influence business analysis processes.
Validate requirements through product delivery.


This course is for people who have on the job experience doing project management activities and running projects, regardless of their job title. It is for those who wish to become certified project managers, or those that want to build or reinforce a foundation in project management. This course is ideal for a person who wants to grow and formalize their project management skills on an industry neutral, global standard, the Project Management Institute.





Length: 4.0 days (32 hours)


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