Prompt engineering is the process of designing and refining input prompts to get desired output from advanced language models, such as OpenAI Codex or GPT-4. It involves creating effective questions or statements that guide the AI model to generate useful responses for a specific task or purpose, like enhancing customer support, generating content, and fine-tuning sales pitches, making it an essential skill set for a wide range of business applications. Quick Start to Prompt Engineering for Everyday Business Users is a one-day, workshop style hands-on course that where you'll learn how to create effective prompts, integrate prompt engineering solutions into existing workflows, and uncover advanced techniques and best practices. Guided by our engaging, expert instructor, you’ll experiment with innovative tools and develop practical skills that can be immediately applied to a variety of projects.


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Learning Objectives

Working in an interactive learning environment, led by our engaging expert, you will:
Get comfortable with the basics of prompt engineering and discover how it can make a difference in various business
tasks, such as enhancing customer support, creating content, and fine-tuning sales pitches.
Develop the knack for crafting, refining, and perfecting prompts suited to specific business situations by understanding
context, user intent, and what makes a prompt great.
Learn how to smoothly incorporate prompt engineering solutions into your existing business workflows, including
pinpointing the right processes, integrating with your current software, and keeping data privacy and security in check.
Become proficient in advanced techniques and best practices in prompt engineering, like making use of APIs, customizing
language models, and collaborating with your teammates across different departments.
Keep up with the latest developments in prompt engineering and be ready to adapt to changing business needs and
trends, ensuring that you stay relevant and continue to grow in the dynamic business world.


  • Understand the fundamentals of prompt engineering and its applications in the business world.

    What is prompt engineering?

    Importance of prompt engineering in business

    Key concepts and terminology

    Examples of prompt engineering in business scenarios

    Overview of popular prompt engineering tools (e.g., OpenAI Codex, GPT-4)

    Activity: Hands-on exploration of prompt engineering tools: Participants will engage in a fun scavenger hunt activity,

    where they will experiment with different prompt engineering tools to answer a set of questions.


  • Learn how to create and refine prompts for a variety of business applications.

    Anatomy of a good prompt

    Understanding context and user intent

    Techniques for prompt iteration and optimization

    Generating specific and creative responses

    Handling sensitive information and biases

    Activity: Prompt development workshop: Participants will practice developing and refining prompts in a collaborative,

    game-like environment, where they will compete to create the most effective prompts for given business scenarios.


  • Discover how to incorporate prompt engineering solutions into existing workflows.

    Identifying business processes that can benefit from prompt engineering

    Integrating prompt engineering with existing software and tools

    Evaluating the success and impact of prompt engineering solutions

    Ensuring data privacy and security

    Scaling prompt engineering solutions across an organization

    Activity: Business process integration simulation: Participants will work in teams to create a plan for integrating a prompt

    engineering solution into a simulated business process, with a focus on creativity and practicality.


  • Gain insights into advanced techniques and best practices for prompt engineering in a business context.

    Leveraging APIs for prompt engineering

    Customizing and fine-tuning language models

    Adapting to changing business requirements and trends

    Collaborating with cross-functional teams

    Staying up-to-date with prompt engineering advancements

    Activity: Advanced prompt engineering challenge: Participants will take part in a friendly competition, using advanced

    techniques to solve complex business-related prompt engineering challenges.


This course is designed for a non-technical audience and doesn’t require any prior coding or technical experience. The handson exercises will be done using pre-built OpenAI tools and interfaces that are user-friendly and easy to use.




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Length: 1.0 day (8 hours)


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