Oracle Database 19c: Data Guard Administration Workshop certification is a program focusing on Data Guard administration in the concept of Oracle Database 19c. It provides a comprehensive understanding of Oracle Data Guard, which safeguards the database against planned and unplanned downtimes. Participants gain proficiency in both physical and logical standby databases. It provides practical skills in various areas like creating and managing physical and logical standby databases, leveraging Data Guard's benefits, and orchestrating failovers or switchovers. Industries utilize the certification to enhance their employees' knowledge on using Data Guard for data protection, high availability, and disaster recovery, thus ensuring business continuity.


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Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of the Oracle Database 19c: Data Guard Administration Workshop course are to offer in-depth understanding and skills to manage and maintain Data Guard environments. The course aims to educate learners about how to use Oracle Data Guard to protect Oracle Database against planned and unplanned downtimes. Moreover, the course focuses on data guard architecture, management, configuration, and how to utilize its features. Learners will also practice skills such as troubleshooting, switchover and failover, backup and recovery, and monitoring data guard performance. By the end of the course, learners should have the expertise to implement and manage Oracle Data Guard configurations effectively


  • Module 1: Data Guard Components

    Module 2: Data Guard Transport Method

    Module 3: Differences between Failover and Switchover

    Module 4: Data Guard Framework

    Module 5: Data Guard Broker Configuration

    Module 6: Defining Gap Resolution

    Module 7: Defining Protection Modes

    Module 8: Operating System Requirements

    Module 9: Manually Creating a Physical Standby Database

    Module 10: Physical Standby Database and Cloud Control

    Module 11: Logical Standby Database

    Module 12: Using Cloud Control to Create a Logical Database

    Module 13: Backup Methods and Data Guard

    Module 14: Flashback Database and Data Guard

    Module 15: Backing up in a Data Guard Environment

    Module 16: Data Guard and Failover

    Module 17: Cloud Control and Failover

    Module 18: Data Guard and Switch Over

    Module 19: Cloud and Switch Over

    Module 20: Define Fast Start Failover

    Module 21: Failover Client

    Module 22: Define a Snapshot Standby Database

    Module 23: Oracle Active Data Guard

    Module 24: Managing Data Guard Components

    Module 25: Upgrading databases with Data Guard


Database administrators IT professionals managing and maintaining Oracle databases Data managers and analysts seeking in-depth understanding of Oracle Database 19c Data Guard IT technical consultants working on Oracle implementation projects




Oracle partners' technical staff who want to expand their Oracle Database 19c competencies. Basic knowledge of SQL language Understanding of Oracle Database concepts Experience with Oracle Database 11g or 12c Familiarity with PL/SQL programming Proficiency in database architecture Knowledge of Linux Command Line Interface Understanding of Oracle 19c database management and administration.


Length: 5.0 days (40 hours)


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