Final Cut Pro for Video Production

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2 Days


Delivery Methods
Virtual Instructor Led
Private Group

Course Overview

Looking to leverage Final Cut for professional workflows and discover the most optimized and efficient use of the application? Look no further than this comprehensive course designed for expert content creators, broadcasters and film editors.

This class will teach you the fundamentals of post-production and walk you through editing two pieces of content; a high impact trailer with graphics and multi-cam interview from start to finish. In this class, we’ll learn how to import and robustly organize footage from multiple sources as well as create, edit, add video effects and animation, use video scopes, perform color correction tasks and export video for multiple formats and devices.

In addition to the 2 day live training, students will also walk away with 4.5 hours of self paced training you can take at any time to expand your knowledge of the application.

Course Objectives

  • The fundamentals of Post-Production
  • Creating high impact trailers
  • Editing multi-cam interviews from start to finish
  • Importing and organizing video files from multiple sources
  • Use video effects and animation
  • Understand the implementation of video scopes
  • Preform color correction tasks
  • Export Video for multiple formats and devices
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Course Prerequisites

End-User Mac OS computer skills Knowledge of common terms in production and post Some basic experience with creative applications for video


Lesson 1: Preferences and Customization

  • Final Cuts Ecosystem
  • Key Preferences to streamline the editing process
  • Customizing Keyboards and Layouts

Lesson 2: Importing and Organize

  • Leaving files in Place versus copying files
  • Importing Footage from Your DSLR Camera
  • Transcoding Media
  • Getting the Most out of Proxy Workflows
  • Changing browser Clip Appearance and Sorting
  • Applying Keywords to all or part of a clip
  • Creating your own Smart Collections with multiple search criteria
  • Editing Column Views
  • Understanding Metadata Views

Lesson 3: Create Projects and Editing

  • Effective playback and preview methods
  • Making in and Out points
  • Creating a Project
  • Using Append, Insert, Overwrite and Connect
  • Backtiming edits
  • Advanced Timeline Navigation
  • Replacing and auditioning Clips
  • Bring Video or Audio of a source only
  • Using the Timeline Index
  • Creating and Editing Roles

Lesson 4: Refining the Edit

  • Moving, Rearranging and deleting clips
  • Trimming Clips including trim selection, trim start and trim end
  • Rolling, Slipping and sliding edits
  • Working effectively with connected clips
  • Working with the Precision Editor

Lesson 5: Working with Sound

  • Understanding Audio Configuration
  • Removing BG noise/hum
  • Amplifying BG sound
  • Panning Surround Sound Clips
  • Creating Audio Ducks
  • Creating Audio Fades with J and L Cuts
  • Using and Understanding categories of Logic Effects
  • Using Audio Roles and
  • Using Lanes from organize to export

Lesson 6: Transforming Clips

  • Scaling and Repositioning clips in the Viewer and Inspector
  • Resetting Parameters
  • Working with Ken Burns
  • Working with default clip size
  • Stabilizing a Shot

Lesson 7: Transitions, Speed, and Effects

  • Adding transitions
  • Replacing and modifying transitions
  • Working with Slo Mo Footage
  • Speeding Up and Slowing down clips
  • Creating Variable Speed changes
  • Adding Effects
  • Adjusting, resetting and copying effects to other clips
  • Adding Keyframes and soloing parameters
  • Working with Auditions and compound clips

Lesson 8: In Depth Color Correction

  • Performing White Balance and Matching Color
  • Working with Video Scopes
  • Working with the Color Board, Color Wheels, Color Curves and Hue/Satuturation Curves
  • Working with shape and color masks
  • Using the object tacker in color correction
  • Working with LUTs

Lesson 9: Multicam Editing Intro

  • Syncing Audio and Video
  • Syncing a 6 shot interview
  • Manually adding and syncing clips
  • Add multiple clips to one angle
  • Switching and cutting between clips
  • Multi-cam management

Lesson 10: Working with Text and Graphics

  • Browsing Text templates in the Titles and generators Sidebar
  • Changing Font, Color and Position
  • Saving text style and format presets
  • Find and Replacing Text
  • Knowing about animate friendly text options
  • Exploring generator textures
  • Making changes to a generator in Motion
  • Using the Object tracker with text

Lesson 11: Media Management

  • Create a duplicate Library with No Media
  • Create a duplicate project with proxies Only
  • Learn how to delete Generated Library Files
  • Learn how to Relink Media
  • Learn how to Merge Events
  • Learn how to work with and Manage multiple open Libraries

Lesson 12: Sharing Video

  • Getting a Project ready for export
  • Becoming familiar with destination settings
  • Working with Closed Captions
  • Adding Additional Useful Destinations
  • Creating a Bundle
  • Using Compressor for Export
  • Batch Exporting Clips

Upcoming Class Dates and Times

Aug 22, 23
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
ENROLL $399.00 USD
Oct 24, 25
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
ENROLL $399.00 USD
Dec 12, 13
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
ENROLL $399.00 USD
Feb 20, 21
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
ENROLL $399.00 USD

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