Dell - PowerFlex 3.6 Implementation and Administration

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Course Overview

This course provides a comprehensive view to installing, upgrading, and scaling a PowerFlex system. Consumption models discussed include PowerFlex rack, PowerFlex appliance, PowerFlex custom node, and PowerFlex software-only. Course content addresses both the physical architecture and the logical architecture of a PowerFlex solution. Lab exercises include best practices for managing SDS, SDC, MDM, and LIA components, in both VMware and Linux environments. Further lab exercises include volume operations – creation, mobility, snapshots – followed by monitoring and troubleshooting a PowerFlex solution.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the architecture of a PowerFlex solution
  • Install, upgrade, and scale a PowerFlex cluster
  • Create and map volumes to clients and applications
  • Manage volume snapshots and volume mobility
  • Manage system user accounts and secure the PowerFlex system
  • Implement Native asynchronous replication across PowerFlex clusters

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for those who will be involved in installing, scaling, expanding, and upgrading a PowerFlex solution. This course is also intended for those who will be involved in configuring, managing, administering, and provisioning a PowerFlex solution.
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Course Prerequisites

  • Storage networking infrastructure and concepts
  • Virtualized and software-defined data center concepts
  • Monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting concepts


PowerFlex 3.6 Administration Introduction

  • Concepts Overview
  • How PowerFlex Scales
  • PowerFlex Offerings

PowerFlex Hardware

  • Nodes
  • Switches and Networking

PowerFlex 3.6 Architecture

  • PowerFlex Basics

Storage Organization

  • Protection Domains
  • Fault Sets
  • Storage Pools
  • Acceleration Pools
  • Volumes
  • Snapshots
  • Deployment Options

PowerFlex User Roles, Management, and Authentication

Management Interfaces

  • Presentation Server Web UI
  • CLI Management
  • PowerFlex REST API

Data Protection

  • Rebuild
  • Rebalance
  • Native Asynchronous Replication

Maintenance Mode

  • Maintenance Mode Introduction
  • Instant Maintenance Mode
  • Protected Maintenance Mode


PowerFlex rack

  • PowerFlex rack Overview
  • PowerFlex rack Architecture - Hardware
  • PowerFlex rack Architecture – PowerFlex Software
  • PowerFlex rack Architecture – other Software

PowerFlex Manager

  • PowerFlex Manager Features and Benefits
  • PowerFlex Manager Architecture
  • PowerFlex Manager User Roles
  • PowerFlex Manager Common Tasks

PowerFlex rack Management

  • Managing MDMs
  • Managing SDSs
  • Managing SDCs
  • Volume Management
  • Protection Domain Management
  • Storage Pool Management
  • Network and Switch Management
  • Storage Management
  • Compute Resource Management
  • Network Resource Management

Integrated Data Protection

  • VMware
  • Avamar, Data Domain, and PowerProtect
  • RecoverPoint

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Monitoring PowerFlex Manager
  • Monitoring PowerFlex Web UI
  • Monitoring PowerFlex CLI
  • Monitoring PowerFlex CloudIQ
  • Monitoring Virtual Compute and Network
  • Monitoring with SNMP and Syslog Services
  • Monitoring using iDRAC
  • Monitoring NVDIMMs, HDDs, and SSDs
  • Monitoring Switches

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