In Class Training

New Horizons is the leader in quality classroom instruction. We are the world’s largest independent IT career training company, with locations on six continents and in over 30 countries. We’ve trained employees from every company listed in Fortune Magazine’s America’s 100 Largest Corporations.

In Class Training

More Locations and Flexibility

New Horizons has more locations and meeting times that any other IT training company. We want you to get the best hands-on training that works for you. 

New Horizons considers the classroom to be foundational in creating an enriching, dynamic, and valuable hands-on learning experiences for students and businesses. Invest in yourself today with our invaluable tools: 

  • Lectures

  • Demonstrations

  • Hands-on practice

  • Valuable student and peer interaction

  • Online resources to use during and after class

  • Select a location to find the perfect training solution for you and your team.