EFCU Case Study

The Challenge

Enrichment Federal Credit Union is faced with the challenge of staffing a workforce equipped to cater to wide-ranging demographics within its’ membership. Enrichment’s membership is split evenly between those under 30 years old, 30-55, and 56+. Each of these members have different wants, needs, and preferences for how they transact business with the Credit Union.

We realize that for our staff to provide exceptional service to our wide-ranging membership they need additional training - specifically focused training on computer applications and working in a digital and ever-changing service environment.

We also see the need to nurture the next generation of leadership for the Credit Union. Enrichment has a workforce of approximately 130 employees across 9 branch offices, providing service to over 45,000 members. To complicate matters, our workforce ranges in age from 19 to 68, with distinctly varying experiences, technical abilities, and expectations of how to provide great service.

The Solution

With the job market tight, and Enrichment fighting to have the best employees, we feel like we must continue to invest in our employees and further grow their skills and abilities. We want employee “Experts” that can take what they’re learning back to their fellow employees and provide mentorship both formally and informally. By improving individual abilities, combined with mentoring, we feel we can raise the collective ability of the Credit Union staff and thus be ready to provide a tailored member service experience.

We turned to New Horizons to initially provide computer training, specifically Microsoft Office programs. But we quickly became aware of the Business Skills training that New Horizons offers and feel an integration of the two skill sets is the right combination of training for our chosen Experts. So along with classes in Excel, PowerPoint, etc., our Experts receive training in Leadership and Influence, Communications and Time Management, just to name a few. We commit our Experts to once a month training for a year and celebrate their attendance with special recognition when they’ve completed the training.

Our experience in partnering with New Horizons is now in it’s third year of Experts and we expect to continue the relationship with a new group for at least several more years. We’ve benefited from upgrading our employee’s skills which ultimately results in a better, more customer-focused and successful Enrichment Federal Credit Union.

Growing other leaders from the ranks isn’t just the duty of the leader, it’s an obligation.


Warren Bennis

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