Cisco® Designing for Cisco® Internetwork Solutions v3.0 (DESGN)

Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) v3.0 is a 5-day training program where the student will learn how to design a strong and effective network as you prepare for your Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) certification.

Cisco® Designing for Cisco® Internetwork Solutions v3.0 (DESGN)

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Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, the student will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • How to identify designed requirements and characterize (baseline) the existing network
  • Principles of network design and the guidelines for building a network design solution
  • How the Enterprise Composite Network model simplifies the complexity of today's networks
  • Design an Enterprise Campus in a hierarchical modular fashion using Cisco Borderless Networks and modular design
  • Design Enterprise Campus and Enterprise Edge networks
  • Select the appropriate Network Management Solution
  • Design the WAN and branch office
  • Design a network addressing plan for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Select optimal routing protocols for the network
  • Design a modern data center using Cisco and industry best practices
  • Evaluate security solutions for the network
  • Design Voice, Video, and Collaboration solutions
  • Design a wireless solution using lightweight access points and the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller
  • Understand the role of software defined networks in a design
  • All topics on the CCDA certification exam
  • Test-taking tips and techniques


    Course Details

    Course Outline

    1 - Applying a Methodology to Network Design
  • Identifying Design Requirements
  • Characterizing the Existing Network
  • Using the Top-Down Approach
  • Implementing the Design Methodology
  • 2 - Network Design Objectives
  • Designing the Network Hierarchy
  • Modular Approach to Network Design
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Network Management Protocols and Features
  • 3 - Campus and Data Center Design Considerations
  • Campus Design Methodology
  • Layer 2
  • Layer 3
  • High Availability
  • 4 - Enterprise Network Design
  • Traffic and Interconnection
  • Security
  • Edge Connectivity
  • WAN Design
  • Branch Design
  • Data Center Design
  • 5 - Internal Routing and Connecting to the Internet
  • Routing Protocol Considerations
  • Expanding EIGRP
  • Expanding OSPF
  • Introducing IS-IS
  • Expanding IS-IS
  • Using BGP
  • 6 - Expanding the Existing Network
  • QoS
  • Wireless
  • Integrating Collaboration
  • 7 - IP Addressing Design
  • Concepts
  • Addressing Plan for IPv4
  • IPv6 Addressing
  • Supporting IP Addressing
  • 8 - Introduction to Software-Defined Networking
  • Need
  • Definition
  • Flavors
  • Actual course outline may vary depending on offering center. Contact your sales representative for more information.

    Who is it For?

    Target Audience

    The primary audience for this course is as follows:

    Network engineers and architects

    Systems administrators and network designers

    Anyone who wants CCDA certification

    IT managers wanting greater skill in network design

    Other Prerequisites

    The knowledge and skills that a student should have before attending this course are as follows:

    CCNA certification is highly recommended

    Familiarity with basic internetworking technologies such as LAN, WAN, bridging, switching, protocols, and network management

    Cisco® Designing for Cisco® Internetwork Solutions v3.0 (DESGN)

    Course Length : 5 Days (40 Hours)

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