Outlook 2007 - Advanced

2 Hours, 32 Minutes


Delivery Method

Educate 360 Pro from New Horizons

This class is part of a 12‑month Educate 360 Pro Subscription

Course Overview

This course builds on the knowledge gained in the introductory course. In Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2007, you will learn the skills necessary to archive Outlook items and manage your mailbox more efficiently through the use of custom views, advanced searching, and rules. You will also learn how to use the journal, set permissions, work with templates, and customize Outlook.

Course Objectives

Searching, Changing the Folder View, Organizing Outlook, Archiving, Permissions, Outlook and the Web, Using Stationary and Templates, Customizing Outlook, Using the Journal

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.


1 - Introduction

  • Introduction

2 - Searching

  • Running a Search
  • Accessing Recent Searches
  • Using the Query Builder
  • Adding Criteria
  • Using Search Folders
  • Creating Search Folders

3 - Changing the Folder View

  • Sorting
  • Using Group By
  • Selecting Views
  • Customizing Views
  • Resetting Views
  • Creating New Views
  • Using the Field Chooser

4 - Organizing Outlook

  • Organizing with Folders
  • Organizing with Colors
  • Organizing with Views
  • Creating a Rule
  • Running a Rule
  • Managing, Modifying, and Copying a Rule

5 - Archiving

  • Using Mailbox Cleanup
  • Creating a Personal Storage Folder (.PST)
  • Setting Up AutoArchive
  • Running an Archive
  • Managing .PST Files

6 - Permissions

  • Creating Delegates
  • Viewing a Shared Calendar
  • Using Overlay Mode
  • Viewing Shared Tasks
  • Sharing a Calendar
  • Setting Permissions on Individual Folders
  • Opening a Shared Inbox
  • Creating Group Schedules
  • Sending on Behalf Of

7 - Outlook and the Web

  • Saving Calendars as Web Pages
  • Emailing a Calendar
  • Publishing a Calendar
  • Subscribing to RSS Feeds
  • Deleting RSS Feeds

8 - Using Stationary and Templates

  • Applying Stationary
  • Creating a Template
  • Using a Template
  • Modifying a Template

9 - Customizing Outlook

  • Using Outlook Today
  • Creating a Favorite Folder
  • Removing a Favorite Folder
  • Creating a Custom Toolbar
  • Setting Mail Preferences
  • Setting Calendar Preferences
  • Setting Task Preferences

10 - Using the Journal

  • What is the Journal?
  • Recording Journal Entries Automatically
  • Changing the Journal View
  • Recording Journal Entries Manually

11 - Conclusion

  • Conclusion

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