[Infographic] CompTIA Certified Employees Are More Prepared


New research shows that IT professionals with CompTIA A+ or CompTIA Security+ perform at a higher level than those who are not certified.

Certified professionals make your organization stronger. They’re your best bet to beat the widening skills gap and they're a great tool to build a foundation of expertise to drive business results. Our CompTIA training and certifications ensure the skills needed in multi-vendor IT environments. CompTIA certifications are recognized under DoD Directive 8570.1M and the State Department Skills Incentive Program.

CompTIA infographic

As an authorized CompTIA training provider, New Horizons can help you maintain your CompTIA certification through the most current classes and certifications. As a member in the CompTIA Authorized Partner program, New Horizons provides CompTIA-approved curriculum that is designed for the achievement of industry-recognized CompTIA certifications. CompTIA training and certification at New Horizons sets up for successful entry or advancement into an IT career.

New Horizons CompTIA training contains award-winning courseware with breadth and depth across these critical technology subject areas, continually developed to keep up with the constantly changing requirements for the professional certifications. Our simulations offer task-based multipath scenarios to provide realistic practice of these critical technology subjects and prepare you for on the job service.

Apr 2021

By: Shelsey Salgado