12 Vital IT Skills for Modern Companies


A key component of a successful business, a well-trained IT team can keep systems operating smoothly, protect your business from external threats, and tackle the challenges of changing technology. As technology evolves more and more rapidly, the skills essential to an IT professional change too.

In our 2019 State of IT Training Report, we interviewed over 1500 IT professionals and found that nearly 63% of decision-makers plan to increase or maintain their IT budget this year.

Here are twelve of the key areas those decision-makers are focusing on in 2019. As these skill-sets and certifications become industry standards, your IT professionals must remain on the cutting edge through up-to-date training.


One of the most widespread suites of business software, Microsoft Office helps companies stay organized and efficient. Basic programs like Word and PowerPoint help you create documents and presentation, while programs like Project and Access can tackle larger items like schedules and access.

Microsoft Excel provides incredible functionality, especially for trained, certified experts who know its ins and outs, while Outlook can coordinate communication across your organization.

Explore Microsoft Office training and certifications.


Companies need employees with both the soft and hard skills to see a project through to completion. Certifications such as the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification showcases knowledge and experience in managing project, while programs such as CompTIA Project+ focus on project management within specific programs.

Explore project management training and certifications.


Cybercrime is a costly, growing problem for modern organizations. According to a study by Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime will annually cost the world a whopping $6 trillion by 2021. Beyond the monetary consequences, a successful hack can devastate your company's reputation. Meanwhile, nearly 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will remain unfilled.

Cybersecurity is a vital investment for your company's finances, your customers' privacy, and your brand's image. CompTIA Security+ is a perfect entry level certification, offering foundational, vendor-neutral security knowledge, while programs like CASP provide expert level information. Training employees in Certified Ethical Hacking can help you diagnose weaknesses in your system.

Explore cybersecurity training and certifications.


The Microsoft Sharepoint Server platform helps coordinate your business, aiding in network administration, risk management, and productivity. From protecting business communication to customizing workflows, Sharepoint offers valuable capabilities for any organization.

Explore Microsoft Sharepoint training and certifications.


An adaptable cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure helps business create, deploy, and manage software applications across their network of managed datacenters. Creators can make applications with any language, tool, or framework, offering incredible versatility for an increasingly complex digital space.

Training and certification in Azure ensures the ability to both maintain and grow a business's digital capabilities. It can be an invaluable skill for your development team or system administrators.

Explore Microsoft Azure training and certifications.


Certification with VMware shows that IT professionals know how to deploy and utilize VMware products and cloud environments. As more and more businesses value the versatility and convenience of the cloud, understanding VMware can give your organization an edge.

Explore VMware training and certifications.


The core of the Microsoft Cloud Platform, Windows Server provides capabilities for virtualization, management, storage, networking, virtual desktop infrastructure, access and information protection, the web and application platforms, and more. With expertise in Windows Server, your IT team can optimize your business for the modern age.

Explore Windows Server training and certifications.


SQL Server offers a next-level look at your data, with incredible storage, security, and business intelligence options. Advanced analytics, versatile cloud options, and intelligent business insights are all available through SQL server, and your team should know the ins and outs to fully utilize the platform's capabilities.

Explore SQL Server training and certifications.


While technical mastery is vital for any IT team, understanding the soft skills of leadership and business will truly set them apart. Project management courses can help any team deliver on their goals, while courses like Lean Six Sigma help trim away waste. Personal and professional development courses offer a broad overview of skills from emotional intelligence to public speaking.

To help your IT team excel, consider investing in management courses and certifications such as ITMLP and ITMLE. Created and vetted by experienced IT professionals, these courses ensure that your IT leaders can effectively manage their teams.

Explore Leadership and Development training and certifications.


One of the foremost authorities in computer networking, Cisco helps organizations create, maintain, and improve complex collections of devices and systems. Certified professionals can operate networks with greater productivity, accuracy, and speed.

Explore Cisco training and certifications.


Understanding the challenges of business analysis will help your IT team effectively prioritize projects and avoid pitfalls. Many technology projects fail due to poor communication and a lack of a clear goal. In fact, 66% of software projects are expected to exceed their schedule or budget, and completed projects generally operate at 52% of proposed functionality. 56% of these defects originate in the requirements phase of the project. Thus, teams and developers equipped with business analysis and communication skills can more effectively plan and execute successful projects.

Explore Business Analysis training and certifications.


Google Cloud Platform runs on Google's cutting-edge infrastructure, making it an excellent tool for creating and administering applications. From data processing to application development, Google Cloud provides modern solutions for companies' needs.

Explore Google Cloud training and certifications.

As you develop your IT team, keep your business's goals in mind. What problems do you need to address today? What issues will you need to focus on as technology and best-practices change? These certifications simplify the hiring process, helping you select candidates that will require less training and that can jump in and make an impact quickly.

Consider promoting and training from within. Educating employees boosts retention and job satisfaction while cutting down on hiring costs. With training programs, your team can develop necessary skills and certifications relatively quickly.

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Jun 2019

By: Ryan Landry