3 Benefits of Modern Service Management

3_Benefits_of_Modern_Service_Management.jpg The world is becoming digital. As technology is becoming rooted in society, organizations need to prepare themselves for a new way of working. Businesses and professionals have looked at ITIL® as their guiding light to support organizations and with the evolution of ITIL, ITIL 4 is here to navigate organizations into the modern age. Modern service management is designed around ITIL practices, incorporating additional speed, agility and automation to support rapidly changing business needs.



Modern service management seeks to understand and automate the link between processes, people and knowledge. Here are the top three benefits:

Process Optimization

Process-mining capabilities expose areas for immediate improvement based on near real-time data. Connecting ITIL best practices with
behavioral variance provides immediate insights into process optimization opportunities.

Proactively Address Emerging Problems

Data-driven analytics and advanced algorithms identify trends and variance tracking, your service desk will have everything it needs to
proactively evaluate issues and address underlying causes before they become bigger problems with greater productivity impact.

Provide Detailed Dashboards and Reports

Reports and dashboards reach a new level of clarity when built on top of optimized processes and data-driven analytics. Information is
available to make immediate business decisions and to show business users the value of sound IT investments.

A key pillar of ITSM is that there is always room for improvement. Modern service management takes it a step further with the additional speed, agility and automation required to get ahead of issues and provide rapid value.


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Feb 2019

By: Morgan Landry