A Lack of Engagement in the Workforce



Isn’t it vexing when you and your superior have differing viewpoints? Do you manage a team and sense frustrations amongst them? Maybe you’re a member of an executive team and are constantly feeling like there isn’t enough time to achieve goals? No matter your rank, these are all difficulties experienced in the workplace that fashion disruption. A lingering absence of communication and respect inevitably detours the culture of a company.

It’s universally understood that all companies want to run their business in a prosperous and successful manner with a positive company culture. If you have employees who feel undervalued, lack the ability to prioritize with little direction or possess the ability to accomplish more projects, these goals can seem far-fetched. If your team is experiencing this skills gap, there’s a solution.

Move from Struggles to Solutions

Whether an entry-level individual with little to no prior experience who lacks time management skills, a member of a management team, responsible for finding solutions on day-to-day challenges, who would like coaching on business acumen, or a senior executive who holds a high degree of influence and wants to engage with your workforce using clearer emotional intelligence, the solution is professional development training.

We at New Horizons are happy to announce that we have designed and are eager to implement our very new professional development series. This series of courses will be delivered by dedicated instructors and leadership professionals with years of experience on professional growth. It’s imperative to us that each employee receives the best instruction possible. With teachers, mentors and coaches who are fully devoted to this professional development series, we are confident in knowing that’s exactly what will happen.

Tiffany Wallace, vice president of business development for New Horizons Computer Learning Centers states, “While we at New Horizons have provided professional development training for many years through our online training platform, we are further recognizing the need for improving transferrable skills of today’s workforce and expanding our client offerings.”

Wallace continues, “Expanding our curriculum of courses to offer in-depth leadership and professional development training is another example of New Horizons rising to meet the demands of our clients. Advanced soft skills topics address the holistic training needs of the organizations we work with every day. These top-of-the-line courses consist of interactive workshop-style deliveries that include real-life scenarios. Students will take what they learn with us and be able to immediately apply those skills back at their jobs.”

Customized Training for Professionals at Any Level

We have an extensive list of available course offerings which will all be provided through a customized private event approach. We’ll feature multiple levels of instruction, from beginner to executive level. Each series is curtailed to serve any student’s needs and generate an optimal learner experience, including Essential, Intermediate, Management and Leadership, and Executive and Strategic.

Essential and Intermediate Series

Both of these series are geared towards individuals with limited to no prior experience or who are new to a particular field and in need of general skill development.

Management/Leadership Series

This series is for individuals who are responsible for solutions on day-to-day challenges, while managing processes and maintaining daily tasks.

Executive/Strategic Series

This series is for leaders who have a high degree of influence with years of experience and their knowledge is well beyond the novice level.

We are excited to launch this new professional development series Professional Development Training that will empower everyone to succeed through their newly developed skill sets.
Sep 2016

By: Kayla Tellers