Announcing Changes to the Cisco Learning Credit Program


Cisco's Learning Credit Program was established over 10 years ago to provide customers with the flexibility to plan what, when and where training is required to accelerate their intended outcomes. Training and learning, like so many things over the last few years, have been greatly optimized through digitization. After a thorough analysis and comparative assessment, Cisco had determined the current Learning Credit program is not consistent with industry best practices or compliance requirements, and no longer meets Cisco's client expectations and evolving needs.

"Our clients are seeing more network changes as a result of working from home and Covid-19 impacts than ever before. Cisco's choice to evole this program to what current market and clients need are great steps to continue to provide the employee development we provide." Ryan Landry, President of New Horzions Learning Group.

As a result, Cisco has decided to discontinue Cisco Learning Credit reimbursements with Learning Partners effective with classes starting after June 14, 2021, while reevaluating the program for improvements. Going forward, we are working directly with Cisco's Partner Sales and CX Partner Practice teams to develop a more up to date and digitized model that better represents, strengthens, and supports the continued success of our valued Clients and Business Enablement Partners.

Together with Cisco, we have allowed time for the near-term transition of CLC reimbursements with existing customers. Key dates and details are below:



June 14, 2021

  • Final day to purchase Cisco Digital Learning Libraries from New Horizons using CLCs as a form of payment.
  • Last class start date for taking Cisco authorized classes using CLCs as a form of payment.

After June 14, 2021

  • Our clients may continue to purchase Cisco training directly through New Horizons
  • Our clients may continue to obtain CLCs and redeem them directly with Cisco.

Apr 2021

By: Morgan Landry