Business Executives and Firefighters Partner with Military Veterans to Assist in Transition to Careers in Civilian Life



Kelly Nicholls, real estate advisor at McKinney Advisory Group and event coordinator/co-founding member of MIT Firefighter for a Day said, “I know the harrowing employment statistics and challenges that our local military service face after being discharged. However, witnessing this emotional reality of a major life change first hand was more than I had expected.”

A special thank you to New Horizon Learning Center. New Horizon donated a $220 per person voucher for a Microsoft Office Course to every attendee. Kevin Landry, CEO of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Southern California, stated, “It was interesting to see how at the end of the day, military, businesses and first responders have the same foundations: respect, communication, and responsibility. We as business leaders have an obligation to prepare the military personnel for civilian careers. Our freedom depends on it, our businesses depend on it, and our San Diego economy depends on it.”

These events partner business leaders with local military veterans to create bonds and mentorship that will enable the MIT to enter the workforce as stronger decision makers, more active leaders, and efficient problem solvers. This networking experience is designed to help our Veterans with learning day-to-day business practices and developing their professional network. The executives also benefit from a unique networking and recruitment opportunity.

After attending this event, Corporal Adam P. Wood expressed to his fellow marines that,“For Marines interested in transitioning into the fire department, this is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with the Oceanside Fire Department and experience a glimpse of a career in firefighting. The members of Oceanside FD were extremely professional and generously offered whatever support they could provide in helping military members transition to career in firefighting or other public safety occupation.”

The participating executives for this quarter’s training came from Nikkiso America, New Horizon Learning Center, Get 1 Free, Duhs Commercial, Wave Crest Resorts, 5-E Web Solutions, and McKinney Advisory Group.

About McKinney: McKinney Advisory Group is a uniquely client-focused Commercial Real Estate firm that looks at the bigger picture when helping clients make real estate decisions. They are more than a real estate company; they care about the community. They operate at the highest level of fiduciary responsibility and focus on the finance of a company before making real estate suggestions. Ultimately, they are an “achieve your vision” company.

For more information on how to support Military in Transition (“MIT”) Firefighter for a Day, to attend a quarterly event, or to learn more about the program, please contact the event coordinator:

Kelly Nicholls
McKinney Advisory Group
12250 El Camino Real, Suite 220
San Diego, CA 92130

May 2015

By: Terry Mott