Cloud Planning, Design and Optimization with Burstorm


Cloud is quickly becoming an IT “religion” with many designers and thought leaders claiming their choice is the best. As the next infrastructure strategy is planned, there are thousands of potential providers across tens of thousands of locations creating trillions of potential combinations in the global market today.

Every day the market changes. Performance changes. Pricing changes. Services change. Are you willing to bet your career on your next decision? Are you comfortable using data that took weeks or months to get? Are you willing to be on two or three local providers instead of looking at the thousands available? Are you willing to use old data knowing that the market changed significantly every day during your current process?

We teach people how to navigate the market chaos. Learn how to accurately design cloud and hybrid infrastructure solutions in real-time by combining live technical, economic and strategic data in a CAD-like scenario based modeling and design platform.

Given the intense and growing interest in cloud computing this class targets all students who are interested in the financial, strategic and design aspects of cloud based infrastructure solutions.

We teach five concepts which are the backbone to understanding how to think, talk and strategize about cloud; how to apply these concepts to practical use cases and how to utilize Burstorm’s CAD application for real-time accurate data to aid in the design of infrastructure solutions optimized for attributes like price and performance.

Who Should Attend

This course caters to anybody having to make decisions around cloud computing because the framework creates a common language to discuss this complex topic in the context of economics and technology. This can include roles ranging from IT executives to IT Architects as well as operational ones.

Course Objectives:

IT leaders are tasked to manage, optimize and consolidate legacy infrastructure and data centers while strategically expanding the utilization of cloud services. This course helps identify, define and prioritize opportunities for improvement while making faster data-driven decisions about choosing an in-house, cloud or hybrid approach and by doing so, reducing risk and time to implement.

Instructor Bio


Scott leads Burstorm’s Cloud Solution Services working internationally with Enterprise clients, Service Providers, Consultants, Service Integrators and IT Infrastructure Architects/Designers. Prior to joining Burstorm, Scott worked internationally with business and technology executives to develop and implement cloud solution strategies in the UK, Asia, Europe, Mexico, South America, North America and Central America. Most recently, Scott was the Director of Cloud and Hosting Engineering at CenturyLink/Savvis where he led the post Savvis acquisition integration and enablement effort leading over 740 Cloud and Hosting Engineers globally. Over the last 17 years, Scott has been involved in nearly every facet of data center, hosting, cloud and managed service industries. Scott has worked and lived internationally working with multiple global companies as they designed, built, and retrofitted datacenters internationally. Scott has been part of several successful start-ups including a market leading network hardware vendor that was acquired for over $8 Billion. Scott's perspectives include experiences as an end user, a thought leader in cloud solutions and infrastructure architecture and as a leader within multiple global colocation, cloud and managed service providers. Scott has a Bachelor in Applied Sciences degree from University of Missouri.

Apr 2016

By: Jesse Amos