How to Easily Track Enterprise Sales



How can you measure what you can’t manage? That’s easy. You can’t. This is why keeping track of your sales is essential for the continuous success of your business. Enterprise sales are different from your regular kind of sales. They’re more complex and can take up to 1 year to finalize. Your sales activities are based on a benchmark of key performance indicators. Three things you should keep in mind before formulating these indicators include:

  • What is the outcome you expect from your selling efforts?
  • Do I have the data to support those outcomes?
  • Do I have a current system in place to track my sales? And how effective is it?

Enterprise software sales comprise the bulk of available solutions available to track sales. Enterprise software is used by organizations to manage finances, the supply chain, and employee paychecks. You can do this manually by using spreadsheets but this is risky and time consuming. When your day is managed by a tracking software you can rely on, you are better equipped to take care of what needs to be done to build your business without any unnecessary distractions.

Cloud Platforms

Research shows that having the right tracking platform for your business can boost sales and transform the culture of your company. You want a team that’s proactive and always on their toes and cloud platforms offer this and more. With cloud platforms, you can access your enterprise sales while still on the go regardless of where you are.

You’ll also save a lot that you’d have spent on setting up the physical infrastructure for tracking purposes. Sales teams can use such innovative solutions to securely access the cloud from the office or field using multiple devices.

Mobile productivity

The sales tracking software should offer significant functionality without disrupting your sales team or clients. So, look beyond the price of the package being offered to you (although the lower it is the better). Experts recommend cloud based tools that offer more than just access. On the go productivity is an emerging concept that allows you to update sales deals in real time, set up tasks, and analyze historical data among more.

A top CRM provider is already using artificial intelligence in its wide range of digital solutions. It’s a smart way to keep your clients happy and boost your company’s productivity.

Keeping track of your enterprise sales also involves integrating all the available tools for your business. Your CRM provider of choice should be in a position to merge your email, website, and social media accounts.

Enterprise software sales are designed to embed themselves into your organization until they seal the deal on the sale. The CRM model is seeing enhanced growth and more offerings such as data analytics and social applications. Whichever option you go with, ensure that the system has automation functions, can keep track of your sales history, and the information is readily available.

The enterprise sales sector is regulated by strict security standards. Ideally, when tracking your sales, you want a solution that is safe and secure from security threats. It should also be able to back up your data automatically every hour or so. It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t keep track of data that you’ve lost. So, the security features that come with the package are a top priority.

Explore your options before committing your hard-earned money to any of the many tools available for managing your sales pipeline. If your solution of choice is effective, you should expect huge improvements in your sales numbers. It should also be easy for your sales team to learn it and implement it.

May 2017

By: Kayla Tellers